Comparing B2B sales funnels and digital product adoption

As much as I enjoy building interfaces, I often take a step back to examine user journeys. When evaluating a product at a broad level, it’s possible to map potential features to user pain points and identify what truly brings the most value to customers.

If teams neglect the broader perspective, they risk stifling innovation and releasing a product that only offers marginal improvements over the competition.

While I’m not the first person to understand this, I did want to set up the context for this article, written by UX veteran Paul Boag (the “weird uncle of web design”). By comparing product adoption to a B2B sales funnel, Boag argues that UX designers should have the opportunity to assess experiences from a holistic perspective to ensure that digital and person-to-person touchpoints feel integrated. In both a sales funnel and a digital product, any gaps can negatively impact conversions and user satisfaction.

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