Tools for service design

As someone who thrives when thinking on a big-picture, strategic level, I've found service design to be an interesting area of the UX/CX landscape. The Service Design Tools site collects artifacts and activities that encourage ideation on how experts, stakeholders, service staff, and users connect in broad processes. There are a few tools I haven't come across before:

Ecosystem loops: A map for thinking about stakeholders and parties that are connected to a system in a way that's not readily apparent

Future backcasting: Selecting a future scenario - positive or negative - and working backwards to figure out the factors that would lead to the future state

Behavior change wheel: Considering how design can diminish barriers to a desired behavioral change

Impact journeys: Analyzing how a service process could affect large-scale aspects of the world, like the environment and social dynamics

By taking a step back from day-to-day work and noticing the big picture, it's possible to be more strategic and reduce the risk that current decisions will lead to an unintended outcome.

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